Latest News 2/10/2016


The Highlander Cycle Tour now can be found on Facebook and Twitter. If you have comments, suggestions, want to start discussions about the rides, read what other riders have to say, or add photos, add us to your facebook groups.


For 2015 we have listened to our riders and are returning to the classic QuadsHilla and Corkscrew routes of the past years with some minor tweeks to reduce the number of stops serving only one ride and simplify the the SAG service. The 40 miel Yodeler ride and shorter 16 and 11 mile options for family riders will remain the same.

Note that we now offer the option of using credit cards to purchase Highlander items at the event or pay for last minute registration.

As in the past, during the event a silent auction will feature cycling items donated by local bicycle shops. Any price bid over the minimum will be donated to our charities.

For those new to HCT, Team Boyce Production made a video overview of the tour. Watch it on the photos page.


As we have numerous Highlander items available for purchase by pre-ordering or at the event, we have consolidated them on a new web section called the Highlander Store. We encourage you to visit our store to check what items are for sale.


The Highlander prides itself on providing a safe, well run, and accommodating event for all participants. The Highlander staff takes the safety of the riders, the spectators, and the communities through which we ride very seriously. To promote this, each rider should have read and follow the NYS DOT cycling guidelines, found here:

Bicycling Safety in New York

If riders do not follow these guidelines, the Highlander may be forced to limit or terminate the ride. Your help and attention to keep the highlander a safe, premium tour is appreciated.